Why design is important

Professional appearance is crucial in order to get noticed in today’s connected world where new artists emerge basically every day. At the same time you have to watch your budget since financial support from labels is practically non-existent anymore.
But you are serious about your music and when you decide to make an album it’s a conscious and bold decision. Since it probably will happen only a few times in your lifetime that you get the chance to be part of an album, there is absolutely no excuse for not doing it 100% right . Do yourself a favor and put a lot of time and care in the recording process itself, let a professional producer handle the mix and let experts take care of your visual ideas for the artwork that makes every record appear more valuable and serious.

If you don’t mind using pre-made artwork, feel free to have a look at our artwork for sale-section and save yourself some money. Of course we can derive further material like a CD label, a tray card and everything else from the artwork you choose there at a reasonable hourly rate.